New Assisted Living Center Coming to Soldotna

Soldotna will be receiving a new Assisted Living Center in place of what was once The Riverside bar, we spoke to Admissions Director of the Riverside Assisted Living Center Alisa Milliron, to find out more about the new renovation and what will be offered with their new center.


Milliron: “First of all our initial plan was to keep and use the same from of the original Riverside bar and hotel but once we actually got in there and started construction we realized not a lot of the original building was safe to use.

The only part that we actually kept after going through was the back wall, it was structurally sound and the was the only piece we were able to keep.”


They announced the upcoming 2013 Grand Opening this morning at The Kenai Senior Center, we spoke with the Co-Owner/Developer Rob Nash about how that went.



Nash: “Yeah we had a really large turnout and we just touched on what we’re about, what we’re doing where we hope to go and we brought in a care coordinator to talk about people that have financial needs and need financial assistance through medicaid reimbursement waiver and just kind of gave out our folders and gift bags to the seniors and there’s definitive excitement. 

The Riverside Assisted Living Center is scheduled to open in the spring of 2013

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