Navarre: Status Quo Funding for Non-Departmentals

The Borough assembly is in the midst of budget season, as the assembly introduced the Navarre administration’s proposed fiscal year 2014 budget. We asked Borough Mayor Mike Navarre about the funding for the ever-controversial non-departmental agencies…


KPB Mayor Navarre: “You know, at this point, what I have put forward as a proposal is status quo, so it’s the same as last year, in terms of the funds the assembly approved last year. We’ll see if they want to make any changes. They’re going to have, at the finance committee, on the 4th[of June] I think, I think they’ll have presentations from the non-departmentals, you know, making their case and make a determination of whether or not the funding levels are adequate, or if they want to make any changes.”


The “non-deaprtmental” agencies include the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District  Small Business Development Center, CARTS, Kenai Peninsula Tourism Market Council, and KPC.

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