Navarre: Kenai Peninsula Borough “Microcosm of Alaska”

Borough Mayor Mike Navarre, last week, provided an update on the state of the Borough’s economy to the 2013 Industry Economic Outlook Forum in Homer.


Mayor Navarre: “The Kenai Peninsula Borough is a microcosm of the state, in fact it’s larger than some states the size of the Kenai Peninsula Borough, but its a microcosm of Alaska. We have construction activity, we have tourism, we have fishing, both commercial, sport, personal use, subsistence, and we have oil and gas activity. We have a diversified economy, probably as diverse as any place in the state, and we’re proud of that ans we support that. We want to see economic development here, there’s obviously a balance between economic development and environmental protection and things like that, and we are going to make sure that we hold you to those standards. But we do want to see ongoing activity.”

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