Navarre Discusses Reality of Reduced Capital Spending from Juneau

As we reported, the state senate is continuing to develop the capital budget for the upcoming fiscal year. One unified message coming from Juneau has been for reduced state spending. We recently asked Borough Mayor Mike Navarre, how the borough will mix the local needs, amid the controlled state spending…


KBP Mayor Navarre: “Capital budget, obviously is still in flux, and there’s some big items that are out there, that are being considered. The gas line, the so called bullet line, funding for that is requiring some additional funds, there’s some projects that were partially funded at the university statewide, and some other projects that need to be finished, and that’s combined with the fact that the Governor has reduced his allocation in the capital budget by nearly $1 billion this year, the legislature will add money to that, but I think there’s no question that the capital budget this year will be smaller than  the capital budget last year, and that means, yeah, it’s tougher to compete for projects.”

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