National Weather Service Warns: It’s Wet Outside

The National Weather Service issued a warm, wet weather statement this morning, describing a a developing storm system which is “moving rapidly north toward the Alaska Peninsula.”


We should see 3 – 5 inches of rain over the next 24 hours, with more likely on eastern and southern exposures.


The NWS warns of possible flooding as snowmelt boosts river levels.


Yesterday, we spoke to CES Safety Officer Brad Nelson about road conditions…


Nelson: “We are getting reports of severe weather that’s going to be coming in this weekend, Chinook winds are going to  bring some warm temperatures, so during the day we’re going to be seeing some snow and possibly rain mixed, at night could potentially be freezing and freezing on top of the already icy roads so if everybody could please remember to slow down, leave a big buffer space between the vehicles in front of you and drive defensively, watch for people driving through intersections  and not being able to stop. The defensive driving lessons from back in school are alive and well this weekend.”

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