National Weather Service Expecting Unusually High Temps This Weekend

Posted: June 14, 2013 at 8:03 am

An unusually strong high pressure system has began to intensify over mainland Alaska.

Along with ample sunshine, this weather pattern will usher in some of the warmest temperate seen in recent years. This includes locations from the Kenai Peninsula to Anchorage and all points northward.

The national weather service forecast office in Anchorage, says that daily high temperate will reach into the 80’s at many locations.

These temperatures are unusual in South-central Alaska, individuals planning outdoor activities should plan accordingly, not only for the heat, but for potential rises in river and stream levels due to increased snow melt at higher elevations. .

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2 Comments to “National Weather Service Expecting Unusually High Temps This Weekend”


    We, in Southern California have lots of extra sun screen lotion. Just give us a call & we’ll send it up to you. Oh Yes, be sure to wear those sun glasses, too. ENJOY!!!

  • Alexi says:

    California? Oh ya that place where everything under the sun has a cancer warning on it. That place that sticks its nose in every other states business. That place that is broke but continues to give away tax dollars it doesn’t have for illegal trespasser programs. That place with its wild fires that throw up tons of pollutants to the atmosphere yet tells everywhere else how it should be done. That place whom had its much beloved politician decide to eradicate all hunt able elk from an island of your states coast yet tells Alaska how to manage its wildlife issues.
    Wow do I feel better unloading all my pent up feelings. Now what about the sun?