Murkwoski Questions Top Brass on Failed Missile Test

The recent failure of the ground based interceptor missile test was the subject of a hearing Wednesday of the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.


U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski received assurances from Vice Admiral James Syring, the head of the Missile Defense Agency, that the efforts that led to the failure have been resolved.



Sen. Murkowski(R-AK): “Can you speak to the timeline of the flight testing and return to flight of our newer missiles?

Vice Admiral Syring: “Yes ma’am, the newest missile will be flight tested in 2014, intercept tested, and as you know we’ve had two failures of that missile, we understand what the problem is from ground testing. We’re confident that its been completed and adequately addressed, and we look forward to the intercept test, and that remains on schedule.”


Senator Murkowski reminded the Admiral that the 2009 decision to reduce the missile capacity of Fort Greely in Alaska was short-sighted.  That decision was reversed four months ago.


Syring said Ft. Greely continues to be of paramount importance to America’s safety, especially given the threat posed by North Korea.

He also indicated several times that more missiles may be needed beyond the 44 envisioned by 2017 depending on whether Iran’s nuclear ambitions  reach a point where America needs a more robust defense.

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