Murkowski, Young Respond to Fracking Rule

Alaska’s federal republicans are split on the issue of the federal government’s response to hydraulic fracturing, an oil and natural gas extraction method known better as “fracking.”


The Bureau of Land Management yesterday released the updated draft rule for fracking on federally managed lands.


Rep. Don Young called the regulations “very disappointing,” but said he’s come to expect nothing less from “an Administration beholden to environmental special interests.”  He said the new rule is “unwarranted and unnecessary,” and prohibit real economic growth for the country.


On the other hand, U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski said the states are already doing a good job of regulating fracking and that the BLM’s revised rule seems to “acknowledge as much.” She said she’s still reviewing the full rule, but it appears the BLM has addressed some of her concerns about aligning federal and state laws.

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