Murkowski Worried About Security Concerns Within Obamacare

Yesterday Senator Lisa Murkowski joined 25 of her Senate colleagues to co-sponsor the Trust But Verify Act, this act is meant to assure that personal and private information, such as household incomes and Social Security numbers given under the Affordable Care Act, are fully protected from breaches in data networks before millions of Americans are compelled to disclose personal information on new networks.


We spoke with Matthew Felling about where the concern began.

Felling: “In the middle of all of these conversations and all these debates about personal information getting hacked, the IRS looking into conservative non profit groups all of these alphabet groups NSA, FBI, IRS. Now we’re finding out that the health care bill and the Health and Human Services have not tested their date network to make sure that its immune from cyber attacks or hackers or leaks”.


We asked Felling what they plan to achieve with this act.



Felling: “We are asking for the exchanges to not move forward, until an outside, independent agency has verified that your and my information about our salary, our medical history, our Social Security number isn’t going to end up broadcast across the web”.


On October 1st of this year, exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act are scheduled to open for the millions of Americans being forced to buy health coverage in the new online marketplace, without having been inspected and tested by independent observers.


The Trust But Verify Act will delay health insurance exchanges from opening until a full review of the security is complete.

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