Murkowski Urging Secretary Kerry to Keep Arctic Focus High

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski has reached out to newly confirmed Secretary of State John Kerry, asking him to prioritize America’s Arctic engagement with the same priority that former Secretary of State Clinton had.

In a letter to the Department of State, Senator Murkowski calls upon expanded U.S. leadership in a region currently at a crossroads saying that “the Arctic is not presently subject to the type of long-standing disputes and entrenched views that make diplomatic activity in the region difficult, but it is an area that is starting to garner international attention and recognition of its tremendous economic potential.” Murkowski said as a result, it is imperative that the United States take the lead in guiding international policy decisions in the Arctic.


In her letter the Senator asks that Secretary Kerry not only attend the next Arctic Council ministerial meeting in Kiruna, Sweden next May, but also designate a senior official to serve as the nation’s Ambassador to the Arctic.


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