Murkowski Encouraged After Meeting with Interior Secretary Nominee

US Senator Lisa Murkowski, this morning, met with Sally Jewell, President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of the Interior. We spoke to the State’s Senior Senator who said that she was able to come out of the meeting, with a new understanding of the nominee for what is commonly referred to as “Alaska’s landlord”


Sen. Murkowski(R-AK): “It was very important for me as an Alaskan to hear of her knowledge and experiences within our state. We know that, as a state with so much public  land, over 60% of our state, the Secretary of the Interior is very important. We often describe it as the landlord. To me it is critically important that whoever is in that position, know and understand Alaska and what makes us unique. She has had experience in our state, visited the state on many many occasions as a tourist.”


Murkowski said that the trips to Alaska were for more than just testing new gear as the CEO of REI.


Sen. Murkowski(R-AK): “

She started off as a petroleum engineer, and in her early days, actually had an opportunity to work on some of the projects as they looked at how a pipeline would be built on permafrost. She was involved in, she worked in the port of Tacoma, on some of the C lifts that went up, so there was a little bit of experience there. But beyond that, when she moved to banking, the Rainier Bank where she was a Vice-President of Rainier with a title of Petroleum Engineer which is kind of an interesting mix”

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