Murkowski Continuing to Fight for Tsunami Cleanup Funds

As we reported yesterday, U. S. Senator Lisa Murkowski supported a spending measure approved by the Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Subcommittee that includes provisions important to Alaska, including a provision is aimed at the ongoing tsunami debris problem…


Sen Murkowski(R-AK): “Given the tight budgets that are all around the country again, I think we need to be creative here. We need to identify and deploy all available resources and share information. We need to leverage local knowledge and our coastal residents proximity to invested interests in the cleanup efforts. Now our federal agencies have regional coastal staff, and they’ve got facility resources, many run programs that are consistent with the objectives of tsunami debris response and mitigation, and for those who would suggest that if its comes up on your shores, its your responsibility, there’s no federal role here its up to the states to figure out. I would remind them that in my state, much of our coastline is owned by the federal government.”



The measure is scheduled to be taken up by the full Appropriations Committee Thursday.

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