Murkowski Continues To Help Defund Affordable Care Act

It’s less than a week away, the Affordable Care Act will launch in most states and begin marketing Obamacare and distributing subsidized programs for low and middle income families in America to afford health coverage.


Sen. Lisa Murkowski has actively spoken out against the Affordable Care Act and continues to look for ways to less negatively impact the American people.


We spoke with Sen. Murkowski today about some of her current objectives in attempting to defund Obamacare.


Sen. Murkowski: “A state employee will be hit with a Cadillac tax costing between $2,328 and $5,894 those are state employees. I was down in Homer in August and what the Mayor wanted to talk about was not about their projects with the harbor he wanted to talk about the impact of the Affordable Care Act on their municipal employees”. 


Sen. Murkowski has also expressed a concern with security measures involving the Affordable Care Act, earlier this month the Senator joined 25 of her Senate colleagues to co-sponsor the Trust But Verify Act, insisting precautions be taken to ensure the security of private information being stored in untested databases.


Sen. Murkowski went on to say Alaskan’s would be especially unwelcoming of their privacy being compromised.


Sen. Murkowski: “We take our civil liberties pretty seriously in this state and we really don’t like the prying into our personal lives that we’re seeing coming out of our own government so I want to make sure that we don’t exceed those personal and private boundaries so this is an important measure and its one I am going to continue to stay engaged on”.



Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act Begins October 1, 2013 for coverage beginning January 1, 2014.

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