Murkowski Co-Sponsors Repeal of 2016 Veterans Benefits Cuts Bill

Yesterday Senator Lisa Murkowski joined support in introducing a bill that would repeal the 2016 Veteran Benefits Cuts.


Murkowski made this statement in reference to introducing the stand-alone bill:


Sen. Murkowski: “There are people who are hurting out there we recognize that. We recognize that we have a long-term unemployment composition program that seriously needs reform. And on the other hand, as Senator Coats has noted, we’ve got a senate that needs a little bit of help here, a little bit of reform when it comes to a viable, meaningful amendment process. So when we came together it was not to come up with a Republican proposal, it was to take pieces of what the President had proposed.” 


According to Murkowski’s office, the bill would pay for three-month extensions of veterans unemployment insurance benefits and repeal the cuts to retiree cost-of-living benefits, without increasing national debt.


The original bill slashing military benefits was signed by President Obama on December 26th, 2013, in an effort to ease spending cuts.

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