Murkowski Calls on NPS to Stop Blocking Alaskan Fish

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski is calling on the National Parks Service to stop blocking the sale of Alaskan fish,with a policy she calls “flawed,” and “inconsistent.”


We’ve previously reported Wal-Mart is refusing to sell Alaskan seafood unless it’s certified by the Marine Stewardship and the NPS seems to have taken a leaf out of the superstore’s handbook.


Murkowski said the MSC doesn’t currently recognize Alaskan fisheries as sustainable, “despite ample evidence to the contrary.” She’s calling on federal officials to reverse the decision to rely on the MSC’s recommendations, since that policy “directly inconsistent with federal guidelines that state ‘the government does not endorse any particular labeling or documentation system or program over another.’”


The state’s senior senator further pointed out that the fisheries are managed by state and federal experts, which should be considered as the NPS develops their sustainable seafood guidelines.

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