Murkowski Calls for Compromise

As a result of the federal government shut down, the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and Kenai Fjords National Park are closed.


The two local parks are part of a nationwide closure of all National Parks. Campers have been given two days to find alternative accommodation.


U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski last night spoke from the Senate floor, urging compromise…


Sen. Murkowski(R-AK): “I’ve made no… have not hidden the fact that I am not a supporter of the Affordable Care Act. I have voted against it every time we have had the opportunity to do so, but do I believe that we should shut down the federal government at this point, because we have not been able to shut down the Affordable Care Act? I think that we have a responsibility here. We’ve got a responsibility to govern, and we’re not doing that right now.”

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