Murkowski Calling for Stuart Creek Fire Investigation

Posted: August 2, 2013 at 7:36 am

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, yesterday, introduced language in the 2014 defense appropriation bill calling for an investigation to be concluded by April 15th into the Stuart Creek 2 fire.

The State’s Senior Senator wants the Army to explain why artillery was used against the advice of fire managers in a training exercise, possibly starting a wildfire that has cost $19 million so far.

The fire started June 19 on military training grounds near Fairbanks. It burned about 133 square miles, three cabins and two outbuildings.

Col. Ron Johnson, garrison commander at Fort Wainwright, said the fire was caused by artillery training. But since then, the military has stepped back, saying it’s too early to determine the cause of the blaze.



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One Comment to “Murkowski Calling for Stuart Creek Fire Investigation”

  • Steve Wright says:

    8/5/13 IMPACT ZONE I would NOT want to be walking around a ARTILLERY IMPACT ZONE looking for the Origin of a Forest Fire ! That’s NOT a place You want to be.

    OR they could send the local Child Molesters to the Impact Zone. That would be a useful purpose for those Monsters. SPW