Murkowski Advocating for Rural Education

During a markup session yesterday on the re-authorization of No Child Left Behind by the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Alaska U. S. Senator Lisa Murkowski urged the federal government to better consider the unique circumstances faced by the nation’s smallest communities….


Sen. Murkowski(R-AK): ” I am worried that by putting the emphases here in Washington, we’re not going to get the impact we’re hoping for, the attention we’re hoping for in recognizing that in our rural areas, there are some differences that are so very extreme, I think my state is a very good example.”


As the committee debated an amendment to create a new Office of Rural Education, Senator Murkowski voiced concern that it would be staffed by people who would not understand the challenges faced by rural areas…


Sen. Murkowski(R-AK): ” What I would hope is that within the Department of Education, we would have individuals who are truly from rural areas, not just kind of the folks we see around here who live in the city, work in the city, raise their kids in the city, and make policy then hoping that its not going to negatively impact our students and our schools in the rural areas.”


And since the amendment didn’t require that staffers have experience in rural communities or schools, Murkowski voted against it.

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