Murkowski Addresses Alaskan Impacts of Government Shutdown

Today Senator Lisa Murkowski took to the Senate floor to express Alaskans’ frustrations with the everyday impacts of the current government shutdown.


Sen. Murkowski addressed the President with examples.



Sen. Murkowski: “Whether its the family out in Galena who is hoping they’re going to be able to get their moose before moose season closes. Or what about what’s going on, this is an amazing one, the Kenai River happens to proceed through some refuge area’s you can still go fishing now, good rainbow fishing out there, but when you move down river through that refuge area, you better bring your lines in, because we’re going to have enforcement down there on the river”.


Sen. Murkowski endorsed her colleague Senator Susan Collins’ (R-ME) proposal to fund the federal government for six months while repealing the medical device tax on pacemakers, joint replacements, defibrillators and other items from the Affordable Care Act.


The proposal would institute the much-needed flexibility in how federal agencies administer the across-the-board sequestration cuts that Senator Murkowski has pressed the administration on for months.

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