Mural Winner Announced: Kenai La Belle

The year-long Paint the Kenai competition has come to a close and first-time painter Fanny Ryland will soon see her work on display at the Kenai Airport. Ryland, who immigrated from France, named her mural “Kenai La Belle.”


Ryland: “Well Kenai is very particular, and so I knew I wanted to have the Orthodox Church, because I think it’s part of the community, like the heritage. I wanted to portray Mt. Redoubt, because I see it every day when I go to work. The fishing community, of course, with my fish, and the four seasons, some wildlife and the ocean, because that’s how I see Kenai personally.”


The closing reception was held Friday at the Kenai Visitor’s and Culture Center, where Kenai Mayor Pat Porter bought the original submission. Mayor Porter was thrilled when she learned Kenai La Belle was the overall winner.


Mayor Porter: “It’s a magical piece, it just speaks everything about the Kenai, it really does, and if you notice, even in the dark sky there, the big dipper is actually part of the landscape of that picture. It is amazing, I’m just ecstatic for the citizens of this whole entire peninsula this will be actually displayed in the mural form at the Kenai Airport for all the visitors to see, and the local people as well, because they use that airport as well, so it’s just magical.”


Porter said it will be donated to the City of Kenai and displayed at City Hall.

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