Mt. View Raises Over $300 for Kenai Animal Shelter in Penny Drive

The Kenai Animal Shelter received a donation of a little over $308 from Mt. View Elementary’s penny drive.


Chief Animal Control Officer Cora Chambers told us about the donation.


Chambers: “They raised a little bit over $308 dollars on their penny drive and it was the entire elementary school and the Kindegarten class was the one that officiated the penny drive.” 


She said that the Shelter also was recently donated a new high capacity washer, which will help reduce washing time for volunteers.


With Easter Sunday approaching, Chambers also gave this reminder.


Chambers: “Bunnies are very cute and fun and lovable however when people get bunnies they think of the immediate thought of Easter, it’s right here, bunnies are so cute lets go ahead and get one however they don’t necessarily think of the continuing responsibilities of having bunnies, they are a pet and live for many years and that’s a long time commitment. 


She said that spring time usually sees an increase in animals dropped at the shelter but also an increase in adoptions and estimates they are still at about an 90% adoption rate.

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