Mountain View Elementary Presents On Accountability

During last night’s KPBSD school board meeting, Mountain View Elementary Principal Norma Holmgaard held a short presentation about accountability in their school, followed by a few songs performed by the Mountain View choir.


We had previously spoken to Mt. View Principal Norma Holmgaard about their presentation.


Holmgaard: “The first areas are in teacher collaboration and their focus on student learning and data and Renee Christianson who is one of our 5th grade teachers is going to present that information. The next thing that has been a real high priority this year and continues to be so is student safety and so Mr. Kircher is going to do a demonstration on how we teach bus safety so that’s the second part of it and then the third part is just to spotlight our students and our choir will be performing three songs tonight.”


Afterwards we spoke to KPBSD Superintendent Dr. Steve Atwater about their presentation.


Dr. Atwater: “Very impressive its always great to see the little kids in action and they did a wonderful job, the music teacher is obviously doing a great job there but what was most impressive is the recounting of their collaboration and how their student achievement has been improving as a result of that and that’s really what its all about is the teachers going the extra mile and really appreciate how good of a job they’re doing.”



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