Mountain View Elementary Open House

Last night was Mountain View Elementary’s Open House and school starts today, ¬†parents and children had the opportunity to schedule bus routes, learn where their class room is and meet their new class mates.


We spoke with Mountain View Elementary Principal Norma Holmgaard, about the fantastic turn out.



Holmgaard: “This is a big night for our school we have lots of folks here, almost everyone actually shows up for open house, the kids get to meet the teachers for the first time and the kids get to see where the classrooms are, this is a big event even though school hasn’t quite started yet.”



We asked Holmgaard how enrollment numbers were and if they hit their projections.



Holmgaard: “Our enrollment stays pretty steady, as of about 5 o’clock tonight we have 421 children enrolled, we usually pick up a few more as the next couple weeks go on and then another 20 children in our pre-k program so we have about 441 students right now, so that’s pretty much at projection.”

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