Mountain Riders Look to Partner with Borough to Develop Hope ‘Y’

As we’ve reported, the Borough is looking to acquire the land around the Hope ‘Y’ intersection on the Seward Highway as part of their Municipal Lands grant. The mountainous area would be developed in a partnership with Mountain Riders Alliance. Founding member Dave Scanlan explained their vision for an eco-tourism hot spot…


Scanlan: “There’s currently a lot of white water kayaking and rafting that happens there, recreational gold mining, some more commercial gold mining and things like that that’re currently happening there in the summer. We see a lot of potential for developing mountain biking, zip lines, Frisbee golf and other activities like that. And then for winter time, great location for some groomed Nordic trails, and then we’re working to restore the old Manitoba Mountain with a small community-focused ski area that could really dovetail nicely into the Hope Y land.”


Scanlan estimated the titling and planning process could take two to three years. We asked him how MRA and the Borough would develop the land together…


Scanlan: “What we like most is that the borough would own the property and the recreational assets, and then our Mountain Riders Alliance would help develop a local community cooperative to help manage the facility under a management philosophy that really values the social component and integration of the community and local businesses.”


The Municipal Lands selection process will open to further public comment in May.

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