Mountain Goats Being Spotted In Sterling

Melissa and Roger Holl woke up and went about their day like any other, except this morning, they discovered a new guest roaming around their yard, a mountain goat. Mountain goats are not commonly spotted in the area but have been seen around the bluff over the years.


Melissa Holl explained her surprise to see a young mountain goat in her yard.


Holl: “We woke up this morning and there was a mountain goat in our yard when I went out to get the news paper, I saw something moving and for some reason I thought it was a neighbor dog or something and I just kind of ignored and then later I was doing the laundry and there near our shed was a goat! We took a bunch of pictures and forwarded them on to friends, I think he is still out there near out trailer, I’ve never heard of them being around here”.


Holl said she spoke with the Department of Fish and Game to see if they had any other reports of the lone goat.


Holl: “They said that they had reports of a goat being in this area I guess they had gotten on in the last couple of days near Jim Doller rd. and they had also said that it had been noted that other goats had been around but I don’t know if this one had been travelling and just came through or if there are others around.”


The goat was spotted off Robinson Loop rd.


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