Motion To Dismiss Tampering Charges In Soldotna Heroin Case

Posted: January 16, 2014 at 5:01 pm

During a court hearing on January 2nd, a motion was filed to dismiss the Tampering with Physical Evidence count in the case of 33-year-old Michael Leveque.


Leveque was arrested on charges of Misconduct Involving Controlled Substances in the Second Degree, Tampering with Physical Evidence and Driving with a Revoked License April 3rd.


Beth Ipsen with the Alaska State Troopers says it was a joint investigation which led to the finding of 79.8 grams of heroin.


Ipsen: “It was a joint investigation between the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Kenai Police Department, Soldotna Police Department and Alaska State Troopers Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit. Basically what happened is that this resulted in this coming out of a suspicious package that was identified by a U.S. Postal Inspector that was destined for a Soldotna address.” 


The package was seized by local authorities and tested positive for heroin however the package delivered was a false drug equipped with a tracking device. When he found the device Leveque removed the batteries and took it to a local store to find out what it was.


According to court documents, the most recent motion to dismiss the tampering charge regards the fact that the defendant did not know what the device was therefore could not have intent to tamper with evidence.


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4 Comments to “Motion To Dismiss Tampering Charges In Soldotna Heroin Case”

  • Tim says:

    Keep drug dealers off the streets of our town.

  • Ak rebel says:

    Yep keep letting the drug dealers and addicts free its so sad how they have taken over kenai you can’t even go to the gas station without seeing a junkie. I know someone they just let off with intent to distribute meth and heroin they got all but one charge dropped and are out doing it again…. The justice system needs to step up!

  • Mike says:

    The justice system is a joke, there is no thought at all to public safety. It’s the back door deals made by the DA’s and public defenders, most of whom are all fishing buddies. This crap needs to stop, when the police and troopers spend time and money arresting and investigating these dirt bags then those are the charges that need to stay, no more plea deals and dropping charges, take it to trial and lock these scum bags up, make them do some real time