Most Fatal Fishing Accidents Caused by Sinking

We’ve previously reported that commercial fishing saw a mortality rate nearly 35 times higher in 2011 than the rate for all US workers. New data shows more than half of all fishing fatalities occurred because a boat sank.


The Alaska Ranger and Katmai illustrate the point; 12 men died in the incidents, and both times the vessel went down because of flooding through open hatches.


To combat the problem the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health is pioneering a monitoring system on doors and hatches.


Chelsea Woodward is one of the engineering technicians…


Woodward: “So these sensors give the feed back to the green board .  there is a display in the wheelhouse that has a red light showing if the door is open, a yellow light if the door or  hatch is closed but not secure and a green light if the door is both closed and secure.”


The system was tested over multiple seasons in the Bering Sea and researchers are hopeful it’ll cut mortality rates on the sea.

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