Mosquitoes Flock to Alaska

A late spring and high summer temperatures have brought the mosquitoes to the Kenai. Local lodge owners Teresa Danielson and George Showalter…


Danielson: “The bugs are really bad. We’ve got a lot of mosquitoes that we haven’t usually had here. Usually, it’s breezy.

Showalter: “Of course, last year the mosquito population was a lot less, so this year, we’re getting nailed.” 


Entymologists recommend three steps to combat mosquitoes: drain standing water as much as possible, dress in long sleeves, and defend your skin with bug spray.


And next time you’re swatting away, spare a thought for your local firemen, CES Fire Marshall Gary Hale describes a recent incident…


Fire Marshall Hale: “And they were just out, because I think it was at that time still 65 degrees at 10 o’clock at night at that particular fire and we were there until 1 in the morning with salvage and overall and it was just no wind and they are just swarming in the particular areas in the forestry areas.”

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