More Details Released Following Tuesday Night Shooting in Kenai

Posted: July 24, 2013 at 10:00 am

More details are known into the events leading up to last night’s shooting in the City of Kenai. Lt. Dave Ross with the KPD…


Lt. Ross: “At approximately 6:30pm, last night, the Kenai Police Department received a 911 call from a 25-year-old Ezekiel Johnston of Kenai. He indicated that he was being pursued by an individual that was going to beat him up, police officers were responding to that report, when multiple 911 calls were received about a shooting at the Home Depot Parking lot.”


Lt. Ross told us that subsequent investigation revealed that a white Chevy pickup truck, occupied by 23-year-old Cole Sprinkle of Wasilla was pursuing the Honda sedan that was being driven by Johnston.


Lt. Ross: “That pursuit ended in the Home Depot parking lot, Cole Sprinkle approached the driver side of the Honda, attempted to gain entry into the car, then smashed the driver side window with his fist. It was during that altercation that Johnston shot Sprinkle three-times with his handgun. Cole Sprinkle was transported to Central Peninsula Hospital for treatment of life threatening injuries. No arrests have been made at this time and the investigation still ongoing.”


Lt. Ross said that as a part of their investigation, KPD crews would like to speak to the owner of a shiny blue Ford pickup that was parked close to the shooting in the parking lot. Anyone with information is urged to contact the KPD at 283-7879

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5 Comments to “More Details Released Following Tuesday Night Shooting in Kenai”

  • Soldotna says:

    Very sad. And I think you mean *pursuing.

  • Jeff says:

    It is not clear WHY Mr. Sprinkle was chasing down Mr. Johnston but when Mr. Sprinkle went as far as breaking the window in Mr. Johnstons car with him in it that is when Mr. Johnstons God Given Right to protect himself happened. As long as this is what really happened then it is a clear cut case of self defense.

  • john says:

    Appears not to always be from Wasilla.
    Kenai and Seward’s courts and cops are familiar with “mr Sprinkle”. A quick look at gives insight into his criminal history with drug arrests, driving violations, leaving scene of an accident, fraudulent insurance, a Felony or two, failure to appear for court, etc etc.. And back and forth he goes… to Palmer, Seward, Anchorage, Kenai.

  • brittney says:

    Just because there are a few marks on Mr. Sprinkle’s record, does not mean that he was completely at fault..can’t believe everything you hear.
    God given right? Please, it does not take three shots to the chest to protect yourself.

  • D. Birch says:

    How many shots does it take to defend yourself?
    When you run someone down, try to open a locked door (obviously, Mr.Johnston wasn’t looking for an altercation) then smash out a window to gain access to the person that was trying to AVOID a conflict….. Well the young man got what he had coming to him! I would have done exactly the same thing except that my gun is a .44, I think one shot would have been more than enough.