Moose Regulations Topping Concerns Leading up to Board of Game Kenai Meeting

As we’ve reported, the Alaska Board of Game is set to meet in Kenai beginning at the end of this week. We spoke to Board of Game chairman Ted Spraker who outlined some of the major issues facing the board


Spraker: “The Board of Game will look at all the proposals for region 2, this would be everything from Anchorage, Kodiak, Kenai Peninsula, Cordova  area. So there’s a pretty broad area that the proposals will be coming from, there’s 53 total proposals. Probably the biggest issue here on the Kenai, of course, is going to be our moose population and what’s going on with moose hunting because its taken such a drastic downward turn in the last couple years.”


We asked Spraker if there were any specific proposals to address such concerns


Spraker: “I can’t predict how the board’s going to vote, but I’m sure there going to be a lot of interest in trying to address something to help out the moose numbers. Of course we have some new numbers on brown bear population estimates on the Kenai. There’s several proposals to increase the hunting opportunity of brown bears, so that’s another one that the board’s going to take a pretty careful look at.”


The board will begin their meeting process with a town hall style meeting at 4pm on Friday March 15th, at the Kenai Visitors Center

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