Moose Pass Meeting Draws Respectable Crowd

Ostrander: “I think there was about 20-people at the meeting, so I think it was well attended for Moose Pass.”


Borough Chief of Staff Paul Ostrander following last night’s town hall meeting held by the Borough Administration’s anadromous streams task force in Moose Pass.  We also asked Ostrander about the public sentiment following the meeting held in the eastern Kenai Peninsula community…


Ostrander: “You know, if you just consider the folks that attended from the Moose Pass area, I would say that the majority of the people that testified from Moose Pass/Cooper Landing were more supportive of the ordinance than we saw at the other two meetings. However, there were several members of the public, I’d say 5-6, that came from other areas of the peninsula and their testimony was similar to what we’ve seen before, which is been overwhelming against [ordinance] 2011-12, and has been asking for the repeal of the ordinance and a restart.” 


Ostrander also outlined the next step in the process for the task force


Ostrander: “The next step is for task force members to consider the public testimony that they’ve received over the past three town hall meetings, and then make proposed amendments to the amendment that we brought out to the town hall meetings. So I would anticipate that multiple task force members will have proposal for the task force to consider. The next meeting of the task force is on April 29th, and hopefully we can work though all of those proposed changes at that meeting, then after that meeting, come up with a recommendation that we would forward on to the administration and the assembly.”

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