Moose Hunters Urged to Measure Carefully

There have been some changes to the Kenai Peninsula moose hunting regulations this year, Board of Game Chair Ted Spraker outlined…


Spraker: “What the board finally decided was, this next fall the season will allow, this is all of units 7 and 15 so our whole area, the seasons are the same except that we added spike. So you can only take a spike bull, or a bull with 50-inch antlers or greater, or four or more brow tines on at least one side.”


And there have been a large number of sub-legal moose takes this year. Jeff Selinger, Wildlife Biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game…


Selinger: “So far, things seems to be going quite well. The one thing that we do encourage people to do is make sure you really look your moose over. If you don’t count four brow tines, if it’s a bigger moose, make sure that it’s got a 50 inch spread, because earlier in the season we had quite a few animals that were taken, several animals that were taken, that were not 50 inch spread and didn’t have the four brow tines, and the individuals actually thought they had a 50 inch spread.”


Selinger asked hunters to be especially careful, since the fines for sub-legal takes can run into the thousands.

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