Moose Collisions Along Spur

State Troopers are warning that moose are active in the local area after responding to two accidents last weekend.


On Saturday, just after 6:30pm, 32-year-old Heather Christina Platter of Anchor Point hit a moose in her 1992 Ford pickup. Troopers say she was driving south on the Sterling Highway when the accident occurred at milepost 96.5. Platter’s truck suffered minor damage and was driven from the scene. No injuries were reported.


Early on Sunday, a 30-year-old Kenai man was driving north on K-Beach Road when a moose ran in front of his vehicle. Douglas Wayne Swaby was driving a 1990 Dodge van just before 1:30am when he hit the moose at mile 11.5. Troopers say the vehicle was significantly damaged, but could be driven from the scene. Swaby escaped without injury.


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