Month Long HEA Work Could Affect Power to K-Beach Area

Homer Electric Association is beginning a month long project that could affect customers in the area of K-Beach Road. HEA’s Joe Gallagher explains…


Gallagher: “Well, during the month of April, Homer Electric crews will be working in the K-Beach area, basically between the Red Diamond Center and the K-Beach Fire Station at approximately mile 13.5 K-Beach Road. We’re going to installing some new fuses and cutouts along the power line, and this maintenance work will improve the reliability of electric service to the K-Beach road area. “


Gallagher did tell us that this work will create intermittent power outages in the areas of work…


Gallagher: “The outages will generally be about thirty minutes in length, depending on the work that’s needed. We expect that the work will continue thought the month of April, it will take about three to four weeks to basically make our way from the Red Diamond Center to the mile 13.5 K-Beach Road.”


HEA is asking those in the areas that could be affected to please take all precautions to protect your electronic equipment.

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