Mitch Seavey Recognized With Legislative Citation

Two-time Iditarod winner, Mitch Seavey, was awarded a legislative citation by Speaker Mike Chenault this week at the Soldotna Chamber Awards.


Seavey: “We’re certainly blessed and honored and to be recognized by the State Legislature is a lot of fun. We do have quite a number of plaques and things, although they’re not very prominently displayed, because we tend to look forward to the future and we look at the internal things that we benefit from mushing, more than the outward prizes and awards, and mushing has been a tremendous life for us.”


Speaker Chenault congratulated Seavey on his win last year. There’s been a lot of press about Seavey’s title as the oldest Iditarod winner, and the State Speaker of the House referenced an anecdote Seavey told after his 2013 win…


Seavey: “The dog food bags that we send out on the trail are pre-printed with the names of the checkpoints on them, and someone made a special order and on mine it also said ‘Old Man Seavey’ on every bag, and I kinda’ didn’t like the idea of coming into a checkpoint and being reminded that I’m an old man, so I was kind of not too pleased with it and didn’t know really what to do, and so Janine took every one of those bags and crossed out ‘ol’ and kept ‘d’ and then put an ‘a’ in front of it, so instead of ‘Old Man,’ it said ‘Da Man Seavey’ and that was really actually inspiring and I appreciated the support, so we really kinda’ got the last laugh on that joke.”

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