Missing Family’s Grandmother Extradition Unrelated to Case

Authorities are still working to locate the missing Kenai family.


We spoke with Kenai Police Chief Gus Sandahl today who said there are still no new updates however…


Sandahl: “The grandmother to Jaraca and Michelle, the two missing children in this missing persons case Lisa Hundley, was arrested on an unrelated charge, a charge unrelated to this missing persons case, she was arrested in Tennessee so naturally we would want to talk to Lisa Hundley as well as part of this missing persons investigation, that interview has taken place and we’re not revealing any specifics of that interview.” 


He said that they will continue to search the area over the weekend but ask the public to refrain from being in the search area.


Sandahl: “We are asking for members of the community to refrain from taking any of their own initiative to search on the trails and wooded areas in the northwest part of Kenai surrounding their residence. We have a specialized canine scent detection team arriving from out of state and we need the wooded areas and trails cleared out for that sustained period of time.”

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  1. Bill and Samon Arnold 13 June, 2014, 20:28

    We can see what’s unfolding now. No real suspects and “Grandma” is the target to “close” the case. They’ll probably charge Grandma with: Long distance conspiracy from Tennessee via strictly “telepathic” considerations! Case closed!

    Bill and Samon

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