Military on Alert in Response to North Korea

The State Legislature today passed a resolution commemorating President Ronald Reagan’s speech about nuclear defense, just after North Korea declared, “the moment of explosion is approaching fast.”


The State passed HJR 11, marking the 30th anniversary of President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative speech.


On March 23 of 1983, President Reagan spoke of the nuclear and ballistic missile threat posed by the Soviet Union, calling on Americans to support the development of counteractive technology.


Rep. Dan Saddler sponsored the Resolution, saying: “President Reagan’s speech was a turning point in our nation’s history and has meant even more to our state.”


Rep. Saddler said President Reagan is ultimately responsible for the formation of the Alaska National Guard’s 49th Missile Defense Battalion, “which has helped to cement Alaska as a strategic piece of our nation’s defense.”


The national commitment to nuclear defense has been tested lately with North Korea’s aggressive statements; the latest directs threats against American military bases in Japan and Guam.

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