Micciche Pleased with Operating Budget Passed by Senate

“Trim,” “lean” and “precise” are all words being used in connection with the new State budget, which was passed by the Senate today. Soldotna Senator Peter Micciche, noted for his conservative spending, said the budget got his approval…


Sen. Micciche(R-Soldotna): “I actually feel very good about this budget. I think the majority had three priorities, the priorities were: number one, getting in control of this runaway spending since 2005, and then the other was increasing through-put through the pipeline and getting natural gas to Alaskans, and on this first priority I think we did a great job, the finance committee and those of us on sub-committee spent hundreds of hours on taking the Governor’s budget and seeing what we could trim from there responsibly.”


The budget differs from the version passed by the House; the House budget hit $9.71 billion, and Senators were close at $9.8 billion. It now heads to a conference committee to reconcile differences between the two versions.

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