Micciche Outlines Bycatch Legislation

As we’ve reported, Senator Peter Micciche of Soldotna has introduced legislation in Juneau to ask the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council reduce Chinook salmon bycatch.  This morning, Micciche provided further details…


Sen. Micciche(R-Soldotna): “Well, we request that they reduce the bycatch by 50%. You know, the bycatch in the Bering Sea fishery is currently set at 60,000, which is more that the entire subsistence fishery of the Yukon River. The Gulf of Alaska is set at 25,000 fish. We want them to cut that in half, that just means they have to fish smarter. We don’t’ want them to put them out of business, but while 450 of our setnetters we our of business last year, they continued to fish.”

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