Micciche Offers Advice for Next Soldotna Mayor

Polls are open in the special Soldotna Mayoral Election. Voters today will choose between Dr. Nels Anderson and Dave Carey for the remainder of the term left by former mayor Peter Micciche. We spoke to Micciche recently, and asked if he had any advice for the next mayor of Soldotna…


Sen. Micciche(R-Soldotna): “Well I think it’s imperative that the mayor stays engaged. In a weak mayor system, it really can define your role, in our case, city manager[Larry Semmens] and I were tied at the hip, and certainly got a lot done. Repaired a lot of the issues of the past, and I think if Soldotna is going to continue moving forward the mayor should expect to dedicate a lot of time and effort into the intimate dealings of the city on a daily basis.”


We also asked if Micciche was backing either candidate


Micciche: “I think, Nels[Anderson] has a wide scope of experience, he’s not just a family man, and successful small business owner, but he’s always honest, he always spends a lot of time making sure that what he’s doing is the right thing, and he’s probably the most fiscally conservative man I’ve ever met. He was there for the completion of the memorial park, while we had major cost reductions, he helped cut property taxes twice, he was active in the comp plan, I guess the way I’d put it is Nels gets it, and I think we’re lucky to have such an amazing man in the race. Again, Dave Carey is a very nice man, but I will be supporting and cheering for Nels Anderson.”


Polls will be open until 8:00pm at Soldotna City Hall.

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