Micciche Looks Back at First 90-days in Juneau

Lawmakers across the state are heading back to their respective districts after spending 90-days in Juneau. We caught up with Senator Peter Micciche and asked the freshman legislator about his transition from serving as the Mayor of Soldotna to State Senator from District O


Sen. Micciche(R-Soldotna): “The reality of it is, there’s a lot of talent in that building, we have great staff, learned quickly, we’re put on a lot of committees which makes you learn quickly. So at first, it was probably a little bit of eyes in the headlights, kind of scared, if you will. But we learned quickly enough to catch on, and I think the team that we have from the peninsula here helped us to all be very effective. We got our work done on time, a lot of heavy lifting on big bill, I was very proud to be a part of that.”


State Lawmakers will resume the 28th Legislative Session in January 2014.

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