Metcalfe Suggests Modified Oil Tax Plan

During an appearance on KSRM’s Sound Off program this morning, Ray Metcalfe, one of the organizers asking for a repeal of SB 21, said he would support a modification of the independent 77-7 plan.


Metcalfe: “Actually, I helped the guy that put that together put it together,and what he’s looking for s a 70… you know, ACES had a participation factor in it, where we would participate with the costs of exploration and drilling and infrastructure you need to get your oil out. Most of that went away with SB 21.”


Metcalfe claimed the author of the 77-7 plan, Dan Donkel of Donkel oil and gas, was silenced in the state legislature.


Metcalfe: “His 77-7 plan is what he would lie to see is 77 percent participation, which isn’t too far off of what we have now, or what we had under ACES, and he would like to see a 7 year tax break for new oil.”


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