Memorial Day Services Addressed at Soldotna Council

Posted: February 13, 2014 at 7:31 am

Last night at the Soldotna City Council Meeting, Soldotna VFW Service Officer and Chaplin Herb Stettler addressed what plans have been made so far for this years Memorial Day Services.


Stettler laid out the plan for Monday, May 26 which included a 10 am ceremony at the Kenai City Cemetery hosted by the American Legion, a 12 noon ceremony with guest speaker Dr. Dan Pitts at the Leif Hansen Memorial Park, followed by a 2 pm ceremony at the Soldotna Community Memorial Park with Soldotna Mayor Nels Anderson speaking.


Stettler: “The Mayor will be the leader in this program because we failed last year in getting over here and doing a ceremony in the park.”


He also said that they will have the second place winner in their Voice of Democracy program use his speech at the Soldotna Ceremony.

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One Comment to “Memorial Day Services Addressed at Soldotna Council”

  • Steve Wright says:

    I have a sincere request. Could the City of Soldotna actually fly the American Flag at the Soldotna Memorial Park during the Memorial Day WeekEnd PLEASE. Monday May 26th,2014

    Last year Memorial Day 2013 there was NOT a American Flag at the Soldotna Memorial Park.
    The Mayor of Soldotna, Nels Anderson promised that would NOT Happen again.

    SPW “Airborne”