Megchelsen Pumpkin Just Inches From Glory

Nikiski’s J.D. Megchelsen’s giant pumpkin would have set a new record this year, beating his previous 2011 record by 2 lbs. Unfortunately, a small hole in the base of the 1,289lb gourd ruled it out of the record books.


Instead, Dale Marshall of Anchorage won this year’s competition with his 1,182lb pumpkin.


Marshall sympathized with Megchelsen, saying he’d been in the same position two years ago when he was disqualified for a hole in a nearly 1,800lb vegetable.


While the previous size records remain intact, there was a different kind of first for the weigh-in: this year was the first time a woman entered the competition. However, at 430lbs, Mardie Robb’s entry didn’t place. Mardie is married to record-holding grower Scott Robb.


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