Mayor Stands Behind Task Force Recommendations

With a public hearing set for next week on the Borough’s Anadromous Streams Ordinance, we asked Borough Mayor Mike Navarre how he feels about the Task Force’s recommendations…


KPB Mayor Navarre: “The Task Force did a very good job of evaluating what the issues and concerns were, listening and making recommendations that incorporated some of those changes and positive improvements into the code and into the ordinance, so I will be supporting it.”


Mayor Navarre said he supported the approach his Task Force pursued…


KPB Mayor Navarre: “I came into it in the middle of the process, I guess, because the ordinance had passed six months before I took office. So, when the issue came up before us, what we tried to do – we talked about it internally and decided we need to know more about this. Let’s put a task force together to help us figure this out. So that’s what we did. I think it was a good process, and I think that I’d probably follow the same path again in a similar circumstance.”


Public hearing will be held June 18th.

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