Mayor Pushes Prop 2

The Kenai Peninsula Borough is considering borrowing close to $23,000,000 for education capital improvements. The bonds would cover the cost of replacing roofs at several local schools and a new field for Homer High School.


Borough Mayor Mike Navarre said that if the proposition is approved by residents, the State will cover up to 70 percent of the repayments…


KPB. Mayor Navarre: “We have almost a billion dollars in assets in our school facilities, it’s almost 1.9 million square feet of roof space, and it just requires maintenance over time. What we get for this is we get a 20-year guarantee on the roofs that we’re replacing, we get increased insulation value, because some of the roofing material and insulation’s become saturation. It’ll result in less maintenance for some of the schools.”


However, the proposition isn’t without it’s critics. Nikiski resident Wenda Kennedy…


Kennedy: “It says in there that the reimbursement is 70 percent by the State, but that’s not an assured thing. That’s only for year one, and we’re talking about a school bond issue that’s going to go on for 20 years. So that means every year, the State has to re-appropriate the money for this, 70 percent, and my crystal ball doesn’t go out 20 years.”


The question will be put to voters on October 1. For more, read: Borough Proposition Two.

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