Mayor Navarre Discusses Capital Requests for the Borough

There may be just 42 shopping days until Christmas, but local governments are counting down with just 62 days until the upcoming legislative session.

Leading up to the next session, governments across the state are putting together capital improvement lists for the upcoming year. We spoke to Borough Mayor Mike Navarre about the capital requests for the Kenai Peninsula Borough..


Mayor Navarre: ” A capital project at the landfill for dealing with leachate from the landfill, and that’s something that we have to deal with, and it’s a capital project that will be $1.5 million – $2 million and we’re going to get that to them. There’s also a number of roads we want to see improved. We’ve gotten money from the legislature on a consistent basis for the last several years. We’d like to get some more so that we can keep planning and upgrading the borough roads, hopefully get some of them paved if we can, with the goal of reducing the cost of maintenance over the long term.”  


Navarre also outlined requests for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District


Mayor Navarre: “We’re looking at the need for building a new school at Kachemak Selo down in the Southern Peninsula, we also have some additional funds that we’d like to receive for some turf fields which will extend the playing time on the athletic fields, one at Soldotna High and one at Homer, and we’re just going to have to see how that goes.”

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