Mayor Navarre Addresses Controversy Over Helicopter

During the July 1 borough assembly meeting, Borough Mayor Mike Navarre addressed accusations that he uses funds for whatever he wants.


Nikiski resident Michele Hartline was referring to the assembly accepting funds to possibly demolish the Nikiski Rec Center when she said this.



Hartline: “Just like in the coastal management grant later will mean that the mayor, after not spending the coastal management funds, will decide that he should hire a helicopter, without your knowledge, to go out and take pictures and spy on the community. It bothers me that you are willing to accept money and not know what you’re going to do with it.” 


Mayor Mike Navarre responded.


Navarre: “One, the grant that she was talking about for coastal impact money, was accepted by the assembly in a grant before I was mayor, it was accepted and appropriated by the assembly before I was mayor, there was some funds left over and what we utilized those for was aerial imagery and because it needed a certain resolution, it needed a low flying craft and we used a helicopter to do that along the Kenai River and other anadromous streams, so it was part of something that was part of the original purpose that was accepted and appropriated by the assembly.” 


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  1. It's a Good Thing 16 July, 2014, 19:32

    FYI. They are not using the black helicopters anymore they painted them to look like all the other helicopters.

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