Mayor Micciche Attending Last Meeting as Mayor Tonight

The Soldotna City Council is scheduled to meet tonight, and as a part of tonight’s meeting, Soldotna Mayor Peter Micciche is formally submitting his resignation as mayor…


Mayor Micciche: “I love being the Mayor of Soldotna, I certainly wouldn’t have run for a second term, knowing how the chips have fallen this is a better way to represent Soldotna residents, and still stay involved for the 9-months that we’re here, as we’ve done many years before we were serving as mayor as well. I’m not going anywhere, everyone still has my cell number, and we’ll do what ever we can to help with the transition here at the city, no matter who happens to be the mayor.”


Micciche’s official last day will be January 9th, before heading to Juneau to represent Senate Seat O in the Alaska State Senate


Mayor Micciche: “This has been a tough decision, as we finally realized, no matter how well Soldotna is running, we think there are statewide decisions that need to be made in order to keep moving forward as well, and if the state fails economically, Soldotna will follow. But I think we have  the skills, not only with the staff, we have very interested people on the city council, I’m sure we’ll get a great new mayor.”

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