Mayor Considers Kenai Comp Plan Repeal

In the unofficial results, Kenai voters yesterday decided to repeal the implementation of the city’s new comprehensive plan. The plan will not be adopted, thanks to a ballot propositions from resident Mark Schrag…


Schrag: “It can be a complicated process, but basically what I’m advocating is that you’d vote yes on ballot measure one, and that would repeal the one that the Council just passed in March or whenever it was, April, and then the old one would stay in effect.”


Schrag lost his bid for City Council, but said the proposition was his main priority, and he was pleased to see it pass.


And the majority of voters agreed with Schrag. Violetta Straight lives near the soccer fields in Kenai…


Straight: “Which does not work good when you have people screaming at the fields at 11pm or midnight, and we have mostly either young kids or older people neighborhood. So, I thought that if we keep Kenai from rezoning from looking like just industrial pile of junk, I like the city because it’s very cozy.”


Kenai Mayor Pat Porter is currently holding her seat, with a 32 vote lead over Bob Molloy and 34 absentee ballots uncounted. She said the plan isn’t being implemented, but that doesn’t mean it will be thrown out entirely…


Mayor Porter: “you know, I’m not sure we’re going to have to actually start it again. I mean, it was a very expensive endeavor. It was way over $100,000, so I don’t think anyone on Council will want to do that. We’ll have to look at it and see what maybe needs to be tweaked and maybe fixed and see what we want to do about that as a Council, but definitely need to listen to your citizens, and if they would like us to re-look at it in particular areas, like to hear from the general public. I’m sure we’ll be scheduling some type of a public hearing process on that.”

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